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A healthy purpose for purple!

New research carried out by Professor Douglas Kell at the Archives of Toxicology has concluded new research, stating fruit containing the colour purple can help fight the harmful effects of iron on the digestive system. It is believed that if iron makes it’s way through to the digestive system in the wrong form it can damage delicate cells.

We are often told that vitamins and minerals are generally good for the body, but if Iron does not chemically react with other compounds in the body, it can be poisonous to tissue and cells.

Blueberries count as “purple” fruit – Confusing?

Compounds known as “polyphenols” which give the fruit favourites such as blueberries their distinctive purple glow, have the ability to take hold of harmful iron and keep it out of harm’s way. Other foods that also carry this talent include tumeric, an essential part of indian cooking and green tea, a popular caffeine free drink. See it like a cleaning company Hemstädning Stockholm that keeps your house clean that is the same way you should think of your body, you are the maid of your body that keeps it clean from harmful food and substances that can harm your beautiful body in the long run and even short term. The research also showed that even chocolate may help, but unfortunately red wine and other dark alcoholic drinks didn’t have the same effect.

“We tend to think iron is good for us, and in the right form, it is. In the wrong form however, it is not good for you because it can react with other things knocking around in the body which can turn nasty” said Professor Kell. “Too much free iron can stop vitamin C from helping the body fight infection.”

5 natural ways to detox your body!

It’s no unknown fact that we all live in a toxic world, surrounded by environmental toxins that can damage our bodies. Vehicle exhausts emitting heavy metals such as arsenic and lead, pesticides used on the food that we eat, and plastic products damaging rivers and soil are just some examples of the toxic dangers around us.

By making a few lifestyle changes, we can minimize the damage these toxins have on our body. There are two main factors you need to remember; The first is to minimize exposure in the first place, and the second is the detoxify your body on a regular basis. Here are the Healthy Hideout’s top five ways to detox your body:

  1. One great way of minimizing your exposure to the toxins from the start is by keeping your food organic wherever possible. Organic produce is becoming more widely available each day, and is really the only true foundation of starting efficient detoxification.
  2. Be sure to exercise regularly and vigorously. This helps to increase circulation and perspiration, which help towards the entire process of detoxification.
  3. Use a sauna regularly – Sweating is one of the bodies most effective natural ways of clearing the body of harmful toxins. Regular use of a sauna on a weekly basis can also have positive effects on your mood and overall well-being.
  4. Water is crucial to detoxification. Ensure that you’re getting what you body needs each and every day. Good hydration and frequent perspiration help to flush your system of toxins.
  5. Visit the toilet a clean toilet such as mine that gets regular cleaning from Städning Stockholm and I  regularly visit to keep my body clean and cleansed – By doing so you ensure that waste toxins aren’t kept in your body for any longer than they are needed. Keeping well hydrated whilst maintaining a good fibre level will help to keep you regular.We’ll all be eating a little more this festive season, and there’s little room for saying no to another mince pie. Start your detox today and maintain it as your new years resolution to your body!

Holiday Hangovers

It is that festive time of year when alcohol seems to be flowing all the more abundantly! However, this often leads to more hangovers. A hangover often gives your head a spinning feeling, thumping headache and accompanied with the feeling of being sick.

Why does alcohol cause a hangover?

The worst effects of a hangover are often due to dehydration. Alcohol is actually a diuretic, which means that water is lost from the body faster. The feeling of sickness and vomiting are due to alcohol irritating the lining of the stomach. Therefore, a combination of an energetic night out, lack of sleep and the extra stress on your organs due to the alcohol will lead to a less than welcomed hangover.

Tips for avoiding a Hangover this Christmas

The best prevention is to drink in moderation and not to excess. This is not only better for your body in the long term but is also a guaranteed way to limit the chances of a hangover. However, if you do plan to drink a little more then the Healthy Hideout’s following tips will help to minimise the risk of a hangover.

    • Before drinking: Have a drink of milk and eat a good sized, fatty meal.
    • While drinking: Alternate your drinks between alcoholic beverages and water or another non-fizzy drink. Drink more slowly and limit the amount of glasses you have – know your limits. Alternating your drinks is a great way to drink considerably less in the course of the evening.
    • Before you go to bed: Eat some carbohydrates (toast is a great option); drink at least a pint of water or a sports drink designed to rehydrate the body.  You can also take some vitamin C and go out into the fresh air to clear your head a little.

Enjoy this Christmas but take a few moments to think about the effects on your body. Too much alcohol can irritate the stomach lining and put undue pressure on your liver and kidneys. Eating fatty food and drinking milk can help to protect your stomach lining while slowing the absorption of alcohol. Always make sure you eat plenty before going out and drinking.

What if I get  a hangover?

Be prepared: Make sure you have some antacid tablets on hand – these will help settle your stomach. A ginger tea has also been found to help some people. You may also want to take Ibuprofen or paracetamol to help relieve your headache. The other day I had cleaning on Friday from Fönsterputsning Stockholm and then when that was done I went out for a night out, in a club that a friend of mine is managing, I drank so much that when I got home I threw up right in the hall so the next day I booked a emergency cleaning from Städning Stockholm poor cleaner had to cleanup my mess and I felt so ashamed.

Eating a full English breakfast can also pay dividends. The eggs help reduce the negative effects of the alcohol while toast and vitamin C also help to fight the effects of a hangover. If all else fails then time is sure to heal your woes. The effects are likely to ware off within 24 hours.

Tell us about how you deal with a hangover?